Larry Sands  - Actor /Producer /Creator

My first passion has always been acting.  On stage or in front of the camera, it, is what I love.  Being creative and building a character that is all its own and hopefully taking the audience on a journey through character and story.  
Once I found that I could be creative on the opposite side of the camera I was sold.  I can still create a story, but on a different level.  Not just for the character but for the overall look and feel of the piece.  I now get to create time and pacing and emotional content of whatever I am working on; a short movie, promotional video, music video; I get to build from the ground up.
Whether he is working on a script or armed with a camera and his computer Larry is always working on projects that he is passionate about.
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Visit my YouTube page to see projects that I have Directed, Edited and Produced; which includes music videos and promotional videos.
What they are saying about Larry Sands: 
As an Actor 
"He brings a sense of joy and spontaneity to his work.  He is not afraid to challenge himself or those around him.  He is a professional and a joy to work with."        Taylor Nichols - Actor, Producer, diagonal films, inc.
As a Producer/Director/Editor
"Larry Sands has the unique combination of workplace skills and intuition that made tasks for his workplace skills.  He was always reliable and technically very competent, with deep knowledge and ample in all key aspects related to Production, from storyboard stage up to final editing."
Maricela Camacho Brown - Multi-Media Editor
"Larry understands the flow and story of each show he is working on.  He has a great grasp and vision and can bring that vision to completion."  
Dr. Carrasco, Creator/Producer - Dr. Carrasco Show

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Randi Bergsma/Shaunna Griffith



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"Man on the Street - Medical Challenge"


Now Available at RedBox - Gang Money Run -

 Larry plays the lead in a high stakes cat and mouse game with everyone vying for the bag of money.

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